Tech Indulgence

Tech Stack plays a significant role in building digital products and data-driven platforms that will stand the test of time, add value and deliver a superior experience to all users. We are passionate about keeping ourselves abreast of new technologies and understanding their strengths to deploy them as we embark on our journey to solve a wide range of business problems.

  • AR/VR


    Besides creating breakthrough applications and solutions, we are exploring the AR/VR world with new paradigms like Metaverse, a combination of futuristic technologies where users "live" within a digital universe. We have been checking out the possibilities on how metaverse can be used to help learners globally and play an effective role in the overall education structure especially in the post-pandemic world. We strongly believe that AR/VR with mainstream passion going into it can make a big difference in the near future. This modern technology is expected to accelerate our goal to make global education accessible and affordable. 

  • AI/ML


    Though Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have long been viewed as the future of tech-based processes, a few years ago, anyone could barely imagine that they would one day transform the traditional processes of the education system. Vivenns succeeded at utilising these technologies for applications, such as to help admission officers make the right decisions on establishing equivalencies, help students pick up the courses where their acceptance rates and completion rates are higher, and to enable the mainstream and P2P lenders to make decisions regarding loan applications. 

  • Blockchain


    Recognising the credibility, scalability, immutability and applications of blockchain, we utilised this technology in building solutions for credential verification and evaluation processes. We are already working on leveraging the power of crypto tokens to solve problems around rewards management. As blockchain and crypto-based digital assets are becoming more popular and acceptable, we have several use cases and ideas to give life to and products based on them in the pipeline. 

  • Application Development

    Application Development

    Vivenns prioritise scalability, ease of maintenance, credibility and the deliverables of various technologies while choosing them for our products. For the front end, we use PHP, REACT.js, IOS/Android and Microsoft Technologies, whereas, PHP, Node.js and Python are used for backend processes.