App Portfolio

Vivenns ideates, designs, and creates several applications that can transform global education. Here’s a glimpse. 

  • Engaged Learning

    Engaged Learning

    Engaged Learning platform offers seamless transitions between physical and virtual classrooms. We did add that extra bit to make virtual learning as engaging as classroom learning. With Open edX as the backbone supported by thoughtful and extensive customisation, and enabled by passion for simplicity, we have ensured that the quality of engagement between the faculty and learners is super enriched in this virtual world. Often digital learning, perceivably or otherwise, reduces the personal touch in the learning environment. We believe that Engaged Learning will be the perfect solution to solve this. 

  • Engage 360°

    Engage 360°

    Engage 360° is our exclusive learner engagement platform built for students and universities. The mobile application has all the features needed to facilitate quality connection right from the enrollment process to graduation. We understand how important language support, welfare counselling, learner services and library support services are for a learner. Our state-of-the-art platform provides seamless workflows to enable these services. Academic insights, day-to-day campus activities, study planning, scholarships, financial and career planning; all are a part of our all-round view presented to learners.

  • AO Student Management System (SMS)

    AO Student Management System (SMS)

    Designed for higher education providers to digitize their engagement with learners and other intermediaries, thus ensuring a smooth and successful journey for the students, right from their admission to graduation

  • Veri Once

    Veri Once

    Veri Once is a digital credential verification and evaluation platform that can help users pursue education or employment opportunities, globally. This is a blockchain-based platform that makes such authentication and evaluation processes immutable, highly secure and authentic.

  • Apply Once Admission System

    Apply Once Admission System

    A web-based portal that assists learners to find the courses that will help fulfil their career dreams by intelligently matching their needs, budget and aptitude with the available options across the globe. It brings students, education providers and admission counsellors on the same platform and, thus, makes global education more accessible and affordable.